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This Gibson EB0 bass was built in and is in great condition. This is a rare slot head model with backward facing tuning keys. Like you find on a banjo or classical guitar. The bass is original with great neck angle and low action. It is strung with flatwo unds and has a recent fret dres s and pro setup. The orig inal ha rd case i s included. The finish on this bass has been removed.

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The StingRay was the first production four string bass to feature on-board active equalization. All of which combined produce a look, feel and sound that are remarkably unmistakable. Experience innovative design and uncompromising performance. It sounds nice through any rig, while playing one is an adjustment to any other 4 string it’s the most comfortable

MUSIC MAN STINGRAY – SUNBURST. Musicman Stingray. Sunburst finish over a nicely figured Ash body with a Maple neck & fretboard. Equipped with a 2 band EQ and through body stringing.

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Pre Ernie Ball, Music Man Stingray Bass Guitar

Walker had previously been a sales representative at Fender. Walker approached Leo Fender about financial help in the founding. Because of a ten-year non-compete clause in the contract that sold the Fender companies to the CBS Corporation , Leo Fender became a silent partner. White had worked with Leo Fender since , in the very early days of the Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company as the plant manager, eventually becoming vice president, and stayed on after the company was sold to CBS, but grew unhappy with their management and resigned in Fender did not like the corporate name, so it changed first to Musitek, Inc.

In , the company started producing its first product, an amplifier designed by Leo Fender and Tom Walker called the “Sixty Five,” a hybrid of tube and solid-state technology that players characterized as “loud as hell”.

Comprehensive collection of and. Find in stock here.

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Shares Our Verdict Sterling will always be a leftfield choice when it comes to choosing a guitar of this kind, but if you’re keen to straddle the gap between Fender and Gibson’s classic appointments, this is a great place to look. Tuning stays locked in. Cons Neck humbucker is a little heavy on low-end.

Musicman Stingray 5. fenderbassman Follow. Unfollow. musicman stingray ernieball. 15 notes. Reblog. Music Man Stingray Trans Walnut Brown. Leo Fender certainly had the magic touch when it came to bass guitars. The Stingray is as big a success as any of his other instruments in that it became a signature and irreplaceable sound almost.

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Gallery Make an enquiry Wow… This is the one word summary that surely and unequivocally describes this amazing bass instrument the moment you open the case lid. We are privileged to be able to offer to you what we think is probably the finest example of a Leo Fender, pre-Ernie Ball, MusicMan Stingray bass on the planet. Given to us to sell by a long time friend of ATB Guitars, a superb musician and MusicMan fanatic, this is the bass he searched for years to find.

There is not a single blemish on it anywhere.

The Buyer is allowing Sellers to submit bids for alternate items, provided those items meet all of the salient physical, functional, or performance characteristics specified by this solicitation.

All images and text copyrighted – and property of Greg Gagliano. Please don’t take them or use them in an on-line auction without permission At first, the company designed and produced tube amplifiers for guitar and bass. In , Leo Fender was hired as president to design a line of guitars and basses, and moreover, to bring recognition to the company through his name.

Leo’s CLF Research company was contracted to build the guitars and production began in June with the Stingray and Sabre guitars, followed by the Stingray and Sabre basses in August The Stingray guitar had a very progressive design which employed coil splitting and active circuitry. However, by when the Stingray was released, the genre of rock guitar was already defined by the Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul. That, combined with less-than-desirable aesthetics, spelled failure for the Stingray.

Like all of Leo Fender’s creations, the quality of these guitars is very high. This particular guitar is a very early Stingray and one of only made with a white pickguard. The Roman numeral after the model name denotes a fretboard radius of 12 inches.

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White had worked with Leo in the very early days of Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company as the plant manager and stayed on after the company was sold to the CBS Corporation , but had grown unhappy with their management. Tom Walker worked as a sales rep at Fender. Because of a year non-compete clause in the contract that sold the Fender companies to CBS, Leo Fender was a silent partner.

The name of this partnership was changed to Musitek, Inc. In , the company started producing its first product, an amplifier designed by Leo Fender and Tom Walker called the “Sixty Five”.

MUSICMAN BASS VINTAGE IDENTIFICATION (UNOFFICIAL SITE CONTINUALLY UPDATED) localhost:81 (Since ) Music Man advert depicting Sting Ray and Sabre Basses. Music Man Advert. Anniversary Sting Ray Basses. 30th SR4 and 20th SR5 (Courtesy “Henry”). Click above for Music Man Forums Click above for Australian Music Man dealer. Webmasters Basses.

If you’re not familiar with my site, it’s simple, and you’ll love it or hate it: It’s not a fancy site but it remains unchanged since ’98 so I figure, “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Just click on any underlined text and it should open a picture; if you move your cursor over the pic and there’s a magnifying glass displayed instead of your cursor, click the pic and it will expand it to larger size.

These guitars already have a great vintage vibe with an authentic looking two-tone sunburst gloss finish, parchment parts, and tinted neck, so the vintage logo is icing on the cake. Other features include C-shaped maple neck with maple fingerboard and modern 9. Like the early vintage models this guitar also has stacked knobs with a volume and tone on each pot. The tone pots are the click type, rather than a smooth taper; nice touch.

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