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See the FAQ for more information on this very cool feature! You should see your gravatar displayed in all it’s glory over in the sidebar. Don’t have a gravatar? It’s free and once you do, your new gravatar will appear in the sidebar and in the comments you make on any mod. See the FAQ for more information. Macerator pumps provide a partial answer to RV sewage disposal, chopping waste into a thin slurry and pumping it out through a garden hose to a proper disposal. They can, though, eliminate the most onerous part of the dumping chore if used properly. FloJet Macerator Pump from RV Sani-Con FloJet Macerator Portable Waste Pump Kit Permanent mount macerator pump – can by bypassed Macerator pump shown with volt pump switch and discharge hose Portable macerator pump in action Macerator pump shown connected to holding tank outlet flange Macerator pump permanently mounted to Y-pipe Molded nozzle adapter for connecting discharge hose to sewer inlet Most RVers use macerators in a temporary fashion and only when a full hookup is unavailable. In doing so, they miss out on some of the real benefits of a macerator.

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Our systems offer visual and audible alarms for low pressure, high pressure, and high temperature as well as rapid pressure loss. Also, all of our Tire Sensors are interchangeable allowing the customer to switch options at any time. Tire Sensors have user replaceable batteries providing lower operating costs and weigh in at just 0. This system features a larger, easier to read display, continuous pressure and temperature monitoring, automatic update, automatic scrolling and the ability to monitor any tire from psi.

The Monitor displays each tire’s pressure and temperature per tire position and will display an audible and visual alert if tire pressure or temperature changes.

If you plan to travel from campground to campground, modifying the trailer for a standard RV sewer hookup may require a simple modification to the exiting plumbing connection. The modification should be simple enough. 2 Responses to “Plumbing a FEMA trailer for RV campsite sewer hookups.” crystalarichmond August 27, at am · localhost:81

See the FAQ for more information on this very cool feature! You should see your gravatar displayed in all it’s glory over in the sidebar. Don’t have a gravatar? It’s free and once you do, your new gravatar will appear in the sidebar and in the comments you make on any mod. See the FAQ for more information. So some family members are coming in for the weekend and you want them to stay in the RV.

And like most of us, we need our TV but the RV has a batwing antenna that can only receive a few channels. How can you wire the RV so you can hook up a satellite receiver and keep the family peace all in one fell swoop? This mod will help you get connected and stay in the will. This connector receptacle is generally used for connecting to cable service provided at an RV park for example.

Although the typical cable wiring type in your RV is RG59, which is fine for satellite signals over short distances, the problem lies in the RV antenna signal booster. The signal booster, located in the antenna, helps amplify the signals received by the rooftop antenna. The boosted signal terminates at the wall plate where the TV cable connection and volt receptacle are located. There is a little button you push to turn on or off the booster.

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With our patent pending RV Glow Adapter you can use all your outside camper lights as patio lights. Take a close look at the before and after pictures below. Picture of a camper on a very dark night. Same camper after plugging in the RV Glow Adapter. Our RV Glow Adapter will enable you to turn on all your stock outside camper lighting which includes your running lights, marker lights and clearance lights. Will the RV Glow Adapter work on my camper?

From electrical wiring to dumping your sewage, the unabridged guide to everything RV.

Tweet This page is part of a sequence of questions on our RV electrical systems section. You can browse the rest of the related questions at the bottom of this page. The answer to this question depends on whether your RV has 30 amp or 50 amp capabilities. You may have already read this from a previous question in this series, but you can easily know which you have by looking at your power cord.

A large plug with 3 prongs is most common and is 30 amps. Bigger and newer RVs could have a 50 amp plug which is large and has four prongs. No matter how much power is available to you at the power source, this is the maximum your RV will be able to accommodate. What often happens is when people aren’t in an RV park they store their RV at their house where they only have the common amp household outlet.

If you want to keep your batteries charged while you store your RV at your house you will need a 15 to 30 amp adapter. Keep in mind that you will now be limited to 15 amps while plugged in here, which is not very much when it comes to running appliances but is perfect for charging your batteries before a trip. If you have a 30 amp RV and need a 15 to 30 amp adapter, here is an option: This does not give you more power; you will still be limited to 30 amps.

Having 50 amp service as your only option is an extremely rare occurrence so the average RVer does not need to carry a 50 to 30 amp adapter.

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My plan is to have a RV electrical hook up that will be either 30 amp or 50 amp, that part seems pretty straight forward to me. Where I get a little fuzzy is what panel to do inside the Tiny House. Making things a little more complex is I want to use a product called eMonitor, which measures the power usage of each circuit. It comes with 14 sensors that surround the wire for each circuit inside the panel, so I can measure up to 14 circuits power usage.

So if I have a 30 amp or 50 amp hook up what panel should I be using inside the tiny house so I have at least 14 different circuits, but taking into account the 30 or 50 amp hookup. Things that I will be powering in the house complete list:

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Discussion Sometimes connecting the hose to your RV city water inlet can be a challenge. That is why installing an aftermarket quick release connector or adapter to your RV city water inlet is recommended. Doing so will make connection and disconnection from water sources a breeze. These adapters come in a variety of styles and materials. Plastic ones are less expensive; however, the metal ones will last longer and are highly recommended.

Some of the more expensive quick release adapters have both male and female connectors making it easy to connect to any hose no matter what the connector style is. Quick Release Adapters for Your RV City water Inlet Another option, though it is not a quick release adapter, it to install an elbow fitting, which easily twists onto the RV city water inlet and can stay installed on the side of the unit at all times.

This makes it easier to screw the hose onto the inlet. If you are having difficulty removing the cap of the RV city water inlet it may be necessary to use some WD to loosen things up a bit. Once removed, you can install an adapter or an elbow to make it easier to hook up to and disconnect from public water sources. Your RV city water inlet is what brings pressurized water into your RV. That is why it is so important to ensure you get everything hooked up correctly.

In addition to hooking up a quick release adapter, you may also want to include a water filter and a pressure regulator before connecting to your water supply.

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It goes into much greater and well illustrated detail. I’m interested in covering those things that can drive U Nutz. The RV chassis is isolated from ground by definition.

 · RV batteries and supplies power for components, devices and appliances that operate off of 12 Volts. Volt AC or alternating current is the same electricity used in your localhost:81ationcom/Articles/localhost:81

This provides all you need to connect a This provides all you need to connect a trailer to the tow vehicle. Generous length allows plenty of wire. Female end is for tow vehicle, male This provides all you need to connect a trailer to the tow Wire up your tow vehicle and trailer with whatever it takes to get your trailer lights on, the electric This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come.

Plugs Into Round Uscar Socket. Provides a 7-way RV blade, 4-way flat socket and backup alarm on specific GM and Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind, this product by Curt Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind, this product by Curt will last Includes all necessary parts required to completely install all brake controls.

No other parts are necessary.

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This is about electric space heaters and how dangerous they can be if not used correctly. Be sure to answer the poll at the bottom of this story where we ask about whether you do or do not use a space heater in your RV. Just a week ago in Hagerstown, MD, my town, in fact there was a house fire around 3 a.

Make your RV Camping site reservation at Palm Springs / Joshua Tree KOA located in Desert Hot Springs, California.

My RV has Amp connections. Is there a way to hook up to use Amp service? What do I need to do and will everything work properly? The short answer is yes, but first you need to have an adapter so you can physically plug in to the Amp outlet. Once you have the adapter, you should be able to use all your appliances — just not at the same time.

You will have to manage your power usage, and be particularly aware at appliance start-up, when things like the microwave and air conditioner tend to draw more power than they do once they are up and running. For instance, on Amps, we may run our refrigerator and air conditioner at the same time but will refrain from using the microwave until the air conditioner is off. Or you might opt for running your refrigerator on propane and you will still have enough power leftover for running your air conditioner and microwave at the same time.

Different RVs will have different wiring schematics, so you may have to experiment. As a general guideline, an air conditioner might use Amps, a microwave Amps larger convection microwave 13 Amps and the fridge Amps.

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Please check in at the office to pay the overnight fee and receive a pass for your vehicle. Below are our prices for tent and RV sites. We do not have sewer hookup on any of our sites, but we do have a dump station that is free to use during your stay or we also have on-site pump-out service available. If you stay with us for a week or a month, you get one free on-site pump-out per week. Also includes one free pump-out at the site with honey wagon per week.

 · Power Adapters for Pop Up Campers and RV’s You can find the RV power adapter at WalMart or RV dealers, and possibly at well-stocked hardware stores. (If you buy it at a hardware store, it might be helpful to bring along a picture of what you need, since the larger plug is used mostly on RV’s, and not everyone will be familiar with it localhost:81

Protection of the RV plumbing system and related components is especially important. A local RV dealer or service tech is best suited to answer any questions as well as providing specific information on winterization and storage your RV that may be particular to the climate in your area. There are two generally accepted methods of winterizing an RVs fresh water system.

Compressed Air Dry Method Uses compressed air to blow out any remaining water in the system after draining the system of all water. This method requires an air compressor and appropriate adapters. We’ll cover the procedures for both methods in turn. Many late-model RVs include a by-pass valve kit that allows the plumbing system to bypass the hot water heater, reducing the amount of anti-freeze that will be needed Without a by-pass kit installed, an additional 6 10 gallons of anti-freeze will be required.

If your RV doesnt have one we recommend you install one. The by-pass kits are available at most RV service centers for a reasonable price and can be installed easily before winterization. RV Winterizing with Compressed Air With By-Pass Kit Installed If using the compressed air method, a special adapter should be purchased to allow compressed air to be delivered through the city water fill. These adapters are available at most RV supply stores.

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Connect sewer hose to RV park sewer connection with a dip in the hose providing a sewer vapor block. Click here for illustration. Open both the black and gray water discharge valves.

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Click for instructions Each year thousands of Americans trek around the country in their RVs and Motor homes in search of new adventure. What better way to spend a vacation with all the accommodations of home and without the worries of hotels? RV Parks are the landing place for most, providing water, sewage, electrical connections, and sometimes WiFi internet. Most WiFi internet is broadcast from the park office and has a limited range.

For those who are within range of the WiFi access point life is good, but for those who are stuck out in the “Back 40”, life is not “peas and carrots”. To check your email or browse the internet for directions you must pack up your laptop and head down to the lobby in the main office.

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